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Cirrus Safe Return

Cirrus Safe Return

Right in the days when the discussion between automation and human response is booming since the MAX crashes, but as the latest iteration of a much longer and more comprehensive debate than MCAS, Cirrus Vision is revolutionizing the industry. going to the right side: automation, to increase security.

December 10, 2020

Today he presented the Safe Return system, a module that in the event of a pilot's disability allows a passenger to activate the emergency and leave the landing in the hands of the flight systems, without any human intervention. Not even radio communication.

Easily accessible to passengers in the Vision Jet cabin, Safe Return is activated  pressing a button when available. Once pressed, the autonomous system analyzes the terrain and weather via data link to determine the optimal airport for landing, and simultaneously begins communication with Air Traffic Control (ATC).

Constant communication with ATC is included throughout this process, another layer of autonomy that provides safety to passengers experiencing a critical situation. Upon activation, Safe Return immediately transmits an emergency message to ATC. Using text and voice technology, the system communicates the intentions of the aircraft on the appropriate ATC frequency, the 121.5 emergency voice frequency, and also switches to the universal emergency transponder code. ATC is automatically updated at regular intervals of the aircraft's location, emergency situation, and the planned airport landing location.


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